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”22nd-Century” is “Marleex” and “Lorenzo Muki Wilson”, who was a former member of the band “The Crown Heights Affairs” and who was voted 3 times for being the Worlds Best Bass player in “Billboard Magazin”. As well as Guest Musicians.

Their musical spectrum is wide and goes from Pop, Rock to Funk, Country, Reggae, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Electronic. 

“22nd-Century’s” Country Dance Smashing Hit-Song “Go get it” featuring Bluesharper “Jan Harpman", mastered in the famous “Powerplay Studio” in Maur CH, was “22nd-Century’s” first release.

22nd-Century's 2nd-release "Sunshine Girl" got released the 22.8.2019. Mastered by Johannes Gottschick (Berlin) from the Band "Cats & Breakies".

The Song “Go get it“ will be followed by a number of timeless pieces, containing, by “Lorenzo” and “Marleex" rearranged and reproduced Songs who were created originally by “Marleex".

Hot tunes, made with love, from and to the corners of the universe..